Solutions for the Industry

When partnering with Mita-Teknik, you are benefitting from 50 years of experience and knowhow. Combined with our Customer Partnering concept, you will experience as if you had your own in-house control panel construction and production department.

Control panels Production

Our production is built around a dynamic and flexible production layout. Our world-class LEAN production setup enables us to drive production costs down and maximize the output. The Mita-Teknik LEAN principles reflect our ways of thinking and manufacturing - how we organize people, equipment, material, production, setup, and deliver products to our customers.  

  Our highly specialized Supply Chain provides everything from strategic sourcing to assembly and delivery.
  All panels are tested using our automatic testing systems and streamlined production thus enabling the highest quality.
  We are able to deliver panels at a 20% reduced cost compared to benchmarked Eastern European production facilities.






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