Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Production downtime, due to unexpected faults and unplanned maintenance, has a significant negative impact to the overall profitability of the operation. It is crucial to be able to monitor and detect faulty equipment in time to plan service and maintenance most optimally.

Vibration analysis is the cornerstone of the Condition Monitoring System.

MiCMS consists of the remotely operated WP4200 controller and our SCADA system, MiScout. With 8-16 external accelerometers strategically placed on the system, MiCMS monitors the key components.

One of the advantages of using vibration monitoring is that you are able to exactly pinpoint the defected component. MiCMS provides visual indication of the current condition through MiScout SCADA. By applying an updated predictive maintenance strategy, using state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms, you are able to minimize unplanned outages and maximize the energy output and revenue generation.

The MiCMS Condition Monitoring System from Mita-Teknik effectively reduce equipment run-to-failure situations and allows you to perform predictive maintenance - effectively optimizing the overall performance.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and robust hardware.
  • Integration with MiScout SCADA System.
  • High level of signal quality.
  • GL certified.
  • Sophisticated algorithms for monitoring.
  • Possible to integrate with third-party control systems.

The MiCMS solution comes in various hardware configurations, and supports different solutions for installation; either as integrated, standalone or portable, making MiCMS extremely versatile and flexible.

  • Integrated - for the complete Mita-Teknik experience.
  • Standalone - add MiCMS to any existing setup, Mita-Teknik or third-party control system.
  • Portable - everything you need in a small and cost-effective service package.

MiCMS Surveillance Centre

The MiCMS Surveillance Centre offers Mita-Teknik customers 24/7 surveillance. Mita-Teknik’s CMS experts ensure professional monitoring, analysis and counselling services through three different service level packages.
As standard, all MiCMS customers receive:

  • Commissioning of the MiCMS system (HW/SW).
  • Kinematic data preparation.
  • Initial configuration of system, remote/controller and server/application.
  • CMS data collection and processing during learning phase (typically 3 months).
  • Training (optional).

Live Data Storage and Visualization

MiCMS is used for vibration analysis. It surveys predetermined critical vibration levels. The frequency range is 0.1 - 10000 Hz and the vibration range is 0.001 - 25 G.

The measurement of vibrations is performed by 8-16 external accelerometers. The real-time measurement of vibrations is controlled by a flexible measurement task scheduler, which can be individually configured with analysis in time and frequency domain.

MiCMS can utilize operational data from the main controller for supersensitive analysis of vibrations in regards to situational components loadings and performance.

The MiCMS is designed to be equally suitable for both experts and users without knowledge of vibration analysis. It enables optimum planning of maintenance schedules, personnel and materials forecasting the expected costs.


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