Control Panels Production

Control Panels Production

Looking for an outsourcing partner within Control Panels production? When you work with Mita-Teknik, you get a lifetime partner who supports your business. Mita-Teknik offer design, assembly, and test of all types of Control Panels. Gain access to Mita-Teknik’s high-end, agile, and competitive supply chain platform, improve your production flow, and benefit from economies of scale from day one.

At Mita-Teknik, we make the production of Control Panels as simple as possible. We have continuously developed the production of our control panels as well as automation for various markets and industries over the last 50 years.

Our headquarters are in Denmark meaning you will get a local supplier and one-point-of-contact throughout the whole project. Following the initial construction and planning phase, manufacturing starts at our production facilities. Thanks to the transfer of knowhow and the implementation of LEAN production principles, we have modern, cost-competitive, and highly automated production setups in Europe and China delivering quality of the highest standard. Lead-times are cut significantly through optimized production processes and an extensive supplier network.

Through our world-class outsourcing production unit, we are able to deliver Control Panels to the industry at a 20% reduced cost compared to benchmarked Eastern European production facilities.








Press Release: Outsourcing 2.0

Mita-Teknik has cracked the code in China. Mita-Teknik can now deliver power panels to the industry at 20% lower cost than when production was located in Eastern Europe. 

Automatic Quality Control

With our passion for quality - in all aspects - Mita-Teknik always deliver products of the highest market standard. Our automatic testing enables us to deliver defect-free Control Panels.

Partnering with Mita

Upon entering into a partnership we provide you with a dedicated Mita team who will guide you through the whole cooperation and will be covering every aspect of your project.



Production Capabilities

Our highly specialized Supply Chain provides everything from strategic sourcing to assembly and delivery:

  Construction & Planning
Specifications, quotations, and order handling.
Effective global sourcing capabilities.
Excellent production flow, flexible production capacity, and regional spare parts centers.
  Quality Control
Full documentation and traceability, automatic test equipment, test certificates, and easy access to product documentation.
All types of packaging and worldwide delivery.

Our production capabilities cover everything within material preparation (mechanical and electrical), assembly of control panels/cabinets (all sizes), related accessories for mechanical and electrical solutions, as well as service support and spare parts handling.

Certifications & Design Standards

Our Control Panels are produced for all kinds of industries and various control tasks. Similar for all of our panels is that they all comply with a wide range of standards and are produced according to well-known quality systems.

Management Systems:

  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety
  • Hi-Tech Enterprise

Design Standards (Cabinets/Control Panels):

  • UL
  • CE
  • EN IEC 60204-1
  • EN ISO 13850
  • EN ISO 13849-1
  • EN IEC 61439-1/2


LEAN Production Facilities

Our production is built around a dynamic and flexible production layout. Our world-class LEAN production setup enables us to drive production costs down and maximize the output. The Mita-Teknik LEAN principles reflect our ways of thinking and manufacturing - how we organize people, equipment, material, production, setup, and deliver products to our customers. 

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