WP4100 Control System Platform

The WP4100 Control System Platform is a field-proven, competitive and very powerful control system, designed to handle on- and offshore megawatt wind turbines. It features:

  • Modular and pluggable design
  • Powerful distributed CPU
  • Ready for harsh environment use
  • Maintenance free design
  • Very user-friendly
  • Plug-and-play technology

The WP4100 Control System Platform comes with a real-time operation system and is capable of handling up to 10 simultaneous - independent or synchronized - application programs controlling the wind turbine, handling data collection for condition monitoring, communication protocols according to IEC norms and customer-specifications, alarm handling, run time system for standard PLC programming according to IEC61131-3.

These features place the WP4100 Control System Platform at the forefront of wind turbine automation, and make it an obvious choice when deciding how to control your wind turbines.

The WP4100 Control System Platform is, as all of our control systems, delivered as a turnkey solution, featuring a wide selection of standard and customized operating programs created to suit your particular needs to ensure optimal and effective operation.

The controller logs all data and makes it available for onsite surveillance or by remote access through your preferred SCADA System. All relevant data and information is logged and stored for use in the daily optimization of the wind turbine or for easy call-back for historical performance review.




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