Pitch Control

Pitch Control

Precise, safe and reliable performance is essential to ensure a profitable wind turbine operation. With more than 50,000 control systems and more than 3,000 MDS Pitch systems in operation worldwide, Mita-Teknik is your proven technology partner. The advanced MDS Pitch Control system is an integrated part of the wind turbine’s safety system, and effectively minimize O&M costs, reduce downtime and improve productivity. The system is a result of years of continuous development and dedicated focus from Mita-Teknik’s R&D team.

We customize the MDS Pitch Control system to meet your specific requirements. The system fits all wind turbine designs up to 10 MW, and with predetermined parameter sets and an optimized sensor calibration approach, we guarantee smooth installation and commissioning with limited downtime and higher availability. 

Maximum Safety

The MDS Pitch Control system consists of three separate and independent MDS units, working as an integrated part of the wind turbine safety system. This design gives the individual MDS unit the possibility to activate the turbine safety system in case any unsafe condition develops inside the pitch system. The MDS Pitch Control system pitches the rotor blades collectively (CPC) or individually (IPC) to maintain rotor speed at optimum, and keep the rotor speed below maximum. For maximum safety, blades are pitched to feathering position - automatically and autonomously in case of safety system activation.

The MDS Pitch continuously monitors the communication from the wind turbine controller, and the health of all system components, including pitch motor and energy storage, and it ensures the wind turbine is stopped even in case the wind turbine control system should fail. In case of grid fault and/or grid drop, the MDS Pitch is powered form the energy backup.

Pitch Performance

The Mita-Teknik Load & Control engineers offer simulation of your wind turbine with all IEC61400 load cases, to ensure the pitch system meets the performance requirements in all relevant situations, and at the same time is not overdimensioned. A simulation report list all required peak, average and aggregated values to select the optimum MDS Pitch Control solution. By these Pitch Performance calculations you are guaranteed the optimal Pitch system for your specific wind turbine.

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