MiScout Cloud

Developed to offer an easy overview of key turbine and financial data in combination with low running costs.

The MiScout 5 Cloud automatically connects to turbines and wind parks 24/7 to monitor production, availability, alarms, weather conditions etc. It also allows to instantly react on alarms and shifts in weather conditions – ensuring increased availability, decreased OPEX and ultimately, higher profits.


  • Fully hosted
  • Multi brand connectivity
  • Web, Android, Apple and Windows devices
  • Up to 100 MW park size
  • Up to 5 users
  • 3 years data backup

Key Features:

  • Multi Brand Support - access many different turbine types
  • Online Data - access turbine data 24/7 from everywhere
  • Map View & Production Data - access live production data for entire portfolio and see status of individual assets
  • Alarms & Start/Stop/Reset - allows push alarm notification and remote start/stop/reset functionality
  • Status Codes, Availability & Information Categories - allows more in-depth turbine analysis
  • Report Generation - generate reports to support your business in a web browser






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