We see sustainability as a mind-set, a way to do business and cooperate. We are continuously working on bringing value to our customers and partners, and to our employees. We are passionate about wind. We pioneered wind technology since the early 1980’s - and with a continuously focus on bringing new technology to the market, we strive to find new ways to make wind competitive.

 Wind power is playing an increasingly important role in meeting the world’s ever-growing energy needs, and we believe that total control of wind turbines in all weather conditions is essential if the industry is to deliver on its global ambitions. Mita-Teknik’s mission is to provide the knowhow and technology needed to secure the optimal utilization of wind and help the industry live up to its full potential,” says Klaus Kromann Knudsen, CEO.

At Mita-Teknik, we focus on how we can contribute to a better environment. Reduction of CO2 and protection of the environment for the benefits of future generations are achieved through renewable energy. Our aim is to keep moving forward, providing our customers and partners with even better solutions and technologies that increases the output of wind turbines.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As a commitment to our corporate social responsibility we have joined the UN Global Compact and live by the ten principles within human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and expect our key business partners to apply similar principles.

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